Welcome to the latest generation of outdoor playground equipment. As never before in history cities from around the world have come with the need of having suitable areas for recreation and play of their children. Super Jump Trampolines is the answer to these needs of reinventing play grounds on public areas and Residential Condos, Shopping Malls, Schools and Family Entertainment Centers.
A inter-disciplinary team specialist on design, safety and manufacture have come with the best product of its type in the market. Our vandalism proof, no impact, no debris and “in-ground” system, make our outdoor trampoline solution a unique one, maximizing safety for user and most important, ¡Maximizing Fun!
Our two brands, Super Jump Trampolines and Super Jump Tracks allow installation of single trampolines or several trampolines connected into a Jump Track where users can follow the track lane while jumping. These features give an extra value to visual looks and to the experience.
Our versatility has allowed us to develop many color options and customizable designs on jumping beds, this also brings much architectural value to our products and to any facility where they are installed.
Let us invite you to live a new experience on our Super Jump Trampolines and fill up your world of fun and joy. ¡Enjoy every jump!